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Did you retire from the State of Delaware?  
Do you have questions about the 
Medicare Advantage Plan as a State of Delaware pensioner?

The State of Delaware is offering its retirees, a new Medicare Advantage plan, which is scheduled to begin on January 1, 2023.  This new plan has left many constituents with questions.  The image below provides a side-by-side comparison.  Additionally, the following link will provide an overview of the new plan.

Screenshot_20220902-113759_Samsung Notes.jpg

"The State Employee Benefits Committee (SEBC) is the governing body that manages employee benefit coverage including health, prescription, dental, vision and other employee benefit options. The SEBC upholds the mission of the Group Health Insurance Plan (GHIP), which is to 'Offer State of Delaware employees, retirees and their dependents adequate access to high quality health care that produces good outcomes at an affordable cost, promotes healthy lifestyles, and helps them be engaged consumers.'


Being a wise health care consumer, choosing lower cost services, getting appropriate care, managing chronic conditions and engaging in wellness and prevention saves you and the State money. It will take a team approach with all of us doing our part as educated consumers to help control rising healthcare costs and to maintain high quality, affordable benefit options now and in the future."

-Delaware Department of Human Resources, 2019

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