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  • Established a program to provide free meals during COVID-19 through the family-owned business

  • Designed strategies for businesses to address the effects of COVID-19, employee retention and recruitment, and talent development

  • Increased statewide membership in Educators Rising by more than 60% through coaching sessions, professional development, and marketing techniques

  • Developed Smyrna School District’s first internships and field placement experiences for rising education professionals that continued over 20 years

  • Established a support system for teachers and student leaders to assist with curriculum and membership development

  • Founded a 501c3 to support the mission of career clusters within Education & Training umbrella

  • Developed a student leadership training program to increase skills and organizational management

  • Established over 20 new extra-curricular programs to increase student engagement

  • Designed and implemented regionally and nationally accredited curriculum for early childhood and elementary education

  • Created a system to ensure programs of study for students with disabilities align with IEPs

  • Developed problem solving teams to design individualized strategies for at-risk special education students

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