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Michael Hill-Shaner

  • State & National Leader in Education

  • Small Business Family Known for Main Street Market

  • Proud Military Spouse

  • Advocate for Equal & Equitable Supports & Services for All

  • Delaware State Senate Doctoral Intern with current Senator Bruce Ennis

  • Nationally Recognized Innovator for the Grow Your Own Workforce Development Initiative

Focus on the "Why"

Those seeking office are often asked "why are you running for office" or "why would you want to do this to yourself?"  Answers will continue to vary from candidate to candidate.  My answer is simple...I want to serve, support, honor, and give back to the communities I have loved for 41 years!  Serving as a senator for District 14 is more than making promises and voting on legislation.  Over the past two years, I have learned that though legislation is key for change,  being a senator for this district means being there for your constituents.  Through my internship and community involvement, I have been able to serve constituents in areas such as:

  • assisting those with unemployment during COVID-19

  • coordinating with state agencies to address residential concerns

  • connecting constituents with service providers and agencies

  • volunteering at community events 

  • providing support to organizations serving high-needs populations

  • actively listening to the needs, concerns, and ideas of constituents through community and taskforce meetings

  • navigating state systems and community resources

My goal is to continue empowering constituents of District 14, strengthen paths that are working, and create new paths for areas that require growth.  

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