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Tater (noun)
A homerun

Growing up in a baseball and softball family, my parents gave me the nickname of Tater.  My father would regularly tell me that I was a homerun child and was meant to do great things. My parents and this community provided me the support and tools needed to serve others, make a difference, and strive to create a better world for all.  Growing up, this nickname remained, as did my passion to serve.    

Connecting, Creating, & Caring

Our communities, state, and nation have faced many challenges over the years.  However, we continue to reflect, adapt, and grow.  We are reaching a prime time to become change makers in Delaware.  

Let your voice be heard!

Throughout my years as a leader in education, I am aimed to empower my students and elevate their voices.  Interning with the Senator Ennis over the last two years, I learned how to empower the voices of District 14.  I want to continue to hear your voice and represent you in Dover!  You can share your information by phone call, e-mail, or simply clicking "Be Heard!" and completing the form.  

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